General Surgery scope of service

The General Surgery Department at Wellness One Day Surgery provides comprehensive surgical care for a variety of medical conditions.

Scope of service :

Minimally invasive Proctology surgery by laser and other advanced techniques including surgery for :
  1. Haemorrhoids
  2. Anal fissure
  3. Anal Fistulae
  4. Pilonidal Sinus
  5. Ablation of warts
  6. Breast biopsy and surgery for benign breast disease
  7. Ventral and inguinal Hernias Repair Laparoscopic and Open Appendectomy
  8. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  9. Removal of skin and soft tissue swellings like lipomas, cysts etc
  10. Wounds management
  11. Drainage of abscess, & carbuncles
  12. Repair of cut wounds
  13. Removal of foreign body
  14. Ingrowing nail removal
  15. Injection sclerotherapy varicose vein