Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Wellness One Day Surgery Center has the best doctors from all major medical specialties covering all ages. We are located close to you for your convenience and quick recovery. Check out our specialists and facilities below.

يضم مركز ويلنس لجراحة اليوم الواحد أفضل الأطباء من جميع التخصصات الطبية الرئيسية لجميع المرضى من جميع الأعمار. نحن هنا بجانبك من أجل راحتك واستعادة عافيتك بسرعة. تحقق من الأخصائيين لدينا وخدماتنا أدناه.

Dr. Abeer Darwish

Specialist Pediatrician

Dr. Adeeb Hasan Mohammad

General Dentist

Dr. Ashraf Alassi

Specialist Otolaryngologist

Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Singh

Specialist Anesthesiology

Dr. Emadeldin Elsobky

Consultant Urologist

Dr. Ghiath Sandouk

Consultant Pediatrician

Dr. Haitham Hegab


Dr. Mahasin Mukhtar

General Practitioner

Dr. Mohannad Zghaier

Dermatology Specialist

Dr. Muhamad Akhal

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Khan


Dr. Najah Dalileh

Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Osama Haseeb Al Baine

ENT Specialist / Medical Director

Dr. Rabia Iqbal


Dr. Rawan Rabah

Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Samer Al Taki

GP Dentist/ Operations Manager

Dr. Shereen Abdelnaby

Anesthesia Consultant

Dr. Tasneem Shireen Saleem

Consultant General Surgery

Dr. Zainab Hamid

General Practitioner