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Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Singh

Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Singh

Specialist Anesthesiology

Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Singh is Specialist in Anesthesiology at Wellness One Day Surgery Center. Completing his medical graduation in 1992, he went on to specialize in Anesthesiology from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India in the year 2000. Subsequently, he completed subspecialist certification in cardiac anesthesia from Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, India in 2003 and became a fellow of the National Heart Center in Singapore in cardiac anesthesiology in 2009. He is a licensed anesthesiologist in Abu Dhabi and India.

Dr. Singh has more than two decades of experience in anesthesiology, of which he gained seven years in the UAE at prominent healthcare institutions including Medeor Hospital, Mafraq Hospital, and Bareen International Hospital before joining Wellness One Day Surgery Center in 2020. His professional responsibilities covered a wide spectrum of functions including teaching and research, managing clinical administration, and having a direct clinical practice.

Dr. Singh interfaced extensively in cases related to cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, urologic, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmic, plastic and reconstructive, neurosurgery, ORL/ENT, GI, as well as complex transplant surgeries of heart, lung, kidney, liver. Deeply rooted in teaching medical students, he has over twenty-five published pieces in international journals and is a regular presenter in national and international medical education conferences

Areas of Interest:

  • Cardiac Anesthesia – premorbid cardiac conditions; preoptimization and workout of cardiac conditions by echocardiography and medications
  • Post Operative Pain Management and Palliative Care
  • Regional Anesthesia – upper and lower limbs using ultrasound
  • Transplant Anesthesia

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